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Indestructible :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 8
The Hahren
The Keeper knows of deeper things
Of ancient times and Arlathan
She knows the rituals and the rites
From when we walked in Elvhenan.
She knows how one should speak a prayer
And how to write down history
Some say she knows all one can know
But others smile, and point to me.
My knowing’s of a different kind
Not quite as old, though no less true
It’s knowledge found in threads of life
That all can learn, but little do.
My secrets cannot train a mage
Nor lead us back to glory pasts –
But as we slowly lose our grasp
Of what we were, my knowledge lasts. 
I know which colours of the sky,
Which shape of clouds, mean it will rain
And when to furl the wagon sails
And when to fold them out again.
I know when meat is good and cooked
What colour proper tea should be
And how to braid a maiden’s hair
And weave it through with chicory.
I know which boys will get which girls
Or girls get girls, or boys get boys
I know which herbs will last the cold
And which the touch of fr
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 9
Blackwall - Biro Portrait by Skyflower51 Blackwall - Biro Portrait :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 7 11
Blessed - Part Four
She is a strange woman, this Bryony Hawke.
And that’s all right. Good, even. Strange seems to be a requirement for joining the Inquisition; there’s no other explanation Elera Lavellan can think of for how she ended up at the head of a force that includes among it a former Ben-Hassrath spy, a Tevinter mage, and a Spirit of Compassion, to name but a few. Since she stumbled out of that Rift at Haven, she has become used to having incredibly unusual people around her; one more makes little difference. Besides, did she honestly expect any friend of Varric’s to be normal?
And she is hardly one to talk. A blind Dalish apprentice, a Dreamer, apparent Herald of Andraste, accidental leader of a small army – she has no right to criticise anyone for oddness.
‘You girls stay here and chat. Get to know each other,’ was what Varric said, as he headed down the steps to the courtyard, leaving them standing on the battlements together. ‘Have all the talk
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 2
Blessed - Part Three
The last of the shades dissolves into nothingness with a high-pitched shriek, cloven down the middle by a swing from Fenris’s blade. He whirls around, the blue sheen of lyrium glistening over his skin and the blood of the Tevinter mercenaries spattered across his armour. There are few foes left standing now; to his left, Merrill has pinned two of Danarius’s men to the ground with a single bolt of lightning, and their writhing and twitching is growing rapidly weaker. Not far away, Isabela is dancing just out of reach of another, blades twirling in her hands. From the smug grin on her face, Fenris knows that though her opponent is more heavily armoured, with a longer weapon and a longer reach, he is already doomed. Isabela only smirks like that when she has a plan, and in battle, Isabela's plans are always deadly.
Ahead of him, Bryony stands before the rage demon Danarius summed to his aid, her shield raised to protect her face as the creature spews flame in her direction. Fe
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 7
Heroes Of Thedas #2 by Skyflower51 Heroes Of Thedas #2 :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 4
Mature content
Blessed - Part Two :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 12
Mature content
Blessed - Part One :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 7
Cipher Nine by Skyflower51 Cipher Nine :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 9
The block of wood has sat untouched on the tabletop for an hour now. The corners are rounded away, and the sides bear a few shallow marks, but the chisel that made them is lying abandoned. The would-be sculptor sits with his face turned away from his work, his hands clasped together and his head bowed.
Blackwall doesn’t even know what he meant to carve. Ideas have always come to him before; he picks up his tools and everything somehow flows. There’s something strange that happens, when he takes up mallet and chisel and sets them to wood. Everything that he is becomes focused on his work, and it’s hard to think about anything other than where the next stroke needs to go, which angle it needs to be made from, which warps and knots need to be worked around and which ones make the whole piece of wood unusable. There's no room to think about anything else. So he can’t think about the lie that he's told and lived in. He can’t think about the carriage, about the
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 2
The clinic door thumps open, something Anders isn’t used to. Mostly it’s refugees who come to him, and they announce themselves with frantic knocks. But a single glance up at the figure who appears in the doorway quashes down his feelings of surprise. Small wonder it was flung open with such force; Hawke doesn’t do anything by halves.
She yanks the door shut after her and marches over to him, which is also unsurprising, because Bryony Hawke marches everywhere. What does surprise him, though, is that her lips are pursed and her brow furrowed in a way that suggests… unease. Which is not something he would normally associate with her.
‘Anders.’ She flashes him a grin, but it drops from her face within a second. ‘Got a moment?’
He nods, because for once, the clinic is empty. ‘Of course, Hawke. What do you need?’
‘To talk to you. And you’d think that wouldn’t be so daunting, would it? Normally I’m the one wh
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 2 4
A gift for Rhapsody-In-White, featuring her Morwenna Hawke, Anders, and music.
There was very little music in the Circle.
Mages studied. Mages worked. Mages taught their pupils. Any time that a mage had to themselves was rare and precious, not to be wasted. There were senior members of the Circle, of course, who taught music and painting and dancing to students who wished to learn. Sometimes, passing through a corridor, you’d catch a glimpse through a half-open door - apprentices sitting in an arc, playing together on their lutes and flutes and trumpets and drums while a senior enchanter conducted them. Or mages in rows, slowly moving their bodies into fluid shapes in time to the music.
Anders never thought much of those classes, mostly because all of them were overseen by a Templar standing like a glowering statue in a corner. He had become used to holding onto whatever he had that belonged to him, and that included time. The little that he had to himself, he wan
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 19
The Tribes of the Tenmar
The Tenmar Tribes are a creation of mine that play a major role in the backstory of my Khajiit Dragonborn, J’shana. In official Elder Scrolls lore, there are many clans of Khajiit, and most of them live on the plains and in the deserts. My concept of the Tenmar tribes is that there are a few groups of Khajiit who live in the depths of the Tenmar rainforest in Elsweyr. They have their own distinct culture which differs slightly to the rest of Khajiit society (because I love seeing cultural variation within a single species), and even the different tribes have differing lifestyles. This is an attempt to explain some of the lore I’ve thought up for them.
I’m going to talk a lot about the different forms of Khajiit, so it’s worth looking at this photoset and this journal by my friend AedricDaedra. Aedric’s headcanons for the Khajiit forms are both interesting and really suitable, so I tend to use his interpretations. Basically, this:
For a more in-depth explan
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 2 2
Mercy - Chapter Two
‘I said no.’
Ondolemar raised his eyebrows. ‘I don’t understand why it’s so much of an issue.’
‘Because these things are private.’ The Dragonborn’s voice was taut with anger. ‘My past is my own. The things you’re asking about – they’re the most painful things I’ve lived through, the things I most wish I could forget. Would you share something like that with a stranger? Someone who would normally be your enemy?’ She shook her head. ‘If I’m going to talk about them, I need a better reason than your curiosity.’
Dawn was beginning to show above the ragged horizon, streaks of red and blue appearing behind the Reach’s crags. Ondolemar had spent a bitterly cold night curled as close as he could get to the fire without singing his beard, the frigid wind and the pain in his chest jolting him awake at regular intervals. Every time he had woken the Dragonborn had still been keeping wa
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 1 11
Divine Blood - Theme (Lyrics and audio)
(Sheet music and audio in description.)
Do you see? Do you see them reach the shore?
'Cross a ghostly sea they have come again
Through the ice on the waves to this land of men
With the rhythm of their oars pounding out the beat of war.
For the warrior-foe of yore has come once more.
We must stand. We must to defend our home
Though our towers burn and our queen lies slain
We must rise and strive in our freedom's name
Lest our homeland should become a jewel in the Dragon Throne.
If you stand and fight now, you will not stand alone.
But not here. But not here shall the fight be won
But across the sea, in lands where Raka reigns
For beneath a distant sun, see the Dragonborn's daughter's son
Walk in war, walk in ash, walk in flame.
For the blood of the Divines runs in his veins.
'Mid the battle-cries, as the banners rise, through this web of lies he will tear
In the Emperor's land, with his flames in hand, he will stand, face him there 
For Divine Blood gives him strength to walk where
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 2 11
Unlearning Fear
Dalton Hawke can’t decide whether it’s a beautiful morning or not.
The arguments for yes: the sky is vast and open, barely a single wisp of cloud breaking up the swathe of pale blue-grey. The high walls of Skyhold keep out the worst of the wind, and the air is fresh from the dawn, cool and bracing in Dalton’s throat. The fortress is alive with life, the sun making the green and russet leaves translucent, the courtyards thrumming with activity and chatter.
The arguments for no: he slept badly, his dreams a nonsensical and really rather unpleasant blur of Templars and darkspawn and multiple raging Arishoks. And more importantly, every face here is unfamiliar, and they’ll stay unfamiliar until he can find Varric, which doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon. Perhaps he’ll be better at navigating the keep after a week or two here, but for now, the place is worse than a maze. Standing in the courtyard, surrounded by strangers, with no i
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 3


Mass Effect: Elcor Warriors by Lipatov Mass Effect: Elcor Warriors :iconlipatov:Lipatov 1,303 131
Mature content
Enter Allegra :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 3 6
Eyes Unseeing by Rhapsody-In-White Eyes Unseeing :iconrhapsody-in-white:Rhapsody-In-White 9 5
Mature content
Party Banter with Asala Adaar :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 8 12
Winter of Our Discontent by NorroenDyrd Winter of Our Discontent :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 13 13 The Dragon of Akavir by ShoutFinder The Dragon of Akavir :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 13 17 DA:A Anders And Nathaniel by SweetCandyRain DA:A Anders And Nathaniel :iconsweetcandyrain:SweetCandyRain 1,968 365 Beware the Champion by Rhapsody-In-White Beware the Champion :iconrhapsody-in-white:Rhapsody-In-White 48 7 Sunset on Rannoch by Amales Sunset on Rannoch :iconamales:Amales 420 51 jedi by niimou jedi :iconniimou:niimou 36 4 A Foe In Need by NorroenDyrd A Foe In Need :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 64 45 Bring Home the Venison by NorroenDyrd Bring Home the Venison :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 11 13 Quiet Evening by NorroenDyrd Quiet Evening :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 11 14 Magic Is Beautiful by NorroenDyrd Magic Is Beautiful :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 24 12 Talan and Harding Starring In by NorroenDyrd Talan and Harding Starring In :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 10 6 Commission: Adelaide Lavellan by Inar-of-Shilmista Commission: Adelaide Lavellan :iconinar-of-shilmista:Inar-of-Shilmista 282 46


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello, everyone! I'm Skyflower51, but you can call me Sky. I'm female, a student, British, an INFJ, and a lover of fiction. Welcome to the odd little place that is my DeviantArt page! :wave:

I'm still learning when it comes to art, but I will upload some traditional paintings and drawings (I don't have the tools for digital art). When it comes to art, I occasionally break out the paints, but I'm far better at drawing; I generally use biro. I consider myself to be a writer first and foremost, though - some of my written work is here, while other stories lurk on I mostly write about and make art for my favourite game series, namely The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here's a quirk of mine: I'm very selective with what I favourite. I'll never fave or watch just to try to get a pageview, only if I love your artwork, and if I leave a comment I'll do my best to tell you what I liked so much so the feedback will be useful. So if you're here because of a favourite, watch or comment I gave you, you know that I think you have created something really special. And if you leave a comment on my work, I'll always do my best to reply so that you know how much I appreciate it. :)

Have a wonderful day!
:squee::happybounce: :squee::happybounce: :squee:

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All my OCs in one place:
My Fanfiction page:…
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I'm heading off on my travels tomorrow morning! I will, I hope, be dropping in once a week or so, and I'll be making my return on June 14th. I will miss you all immensely, please do take care of yourselves. :hug: I may not be around to look at all your wonderful art and writing for a while, but I will have it to look forward to when I get back!



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