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Flame And Focus by Skyflower51 Flame And Focus :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 0 6
Child's Play
The rebels don’t want Anders with them, and he understands.
He always meant for it to be that way, meant for him to be the one the world hated. His name had to be the one that became another word for monster, because then it wouldn’t be Hawke’s, or Orsino’s, or the name of any mage in the Gallows. So he wanders Thedas alone, except for the spirit woven in with his flesh, because even the people who are free because of him don’t want him near them.
But he still helps them, of course. How could he not?
He keeps an ear to the ground, listens to the rumours and watches the shadows. He learns where the Templars are heading and what their numbers are, puts himself into their path. They go after him, eager to be remembered as the one who caught the abomination who began the war - and the group of runaway mages they were tracking reaches a place of safety, unscathed.
Sometimes, he stumbles upon a battle. A group of mages huddled back-to-back, robe
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 0
An Uncharted Family by Skyflower51 An Uncharted Family :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 9 Tarveth Dren - Biro Portrait by Skyflower51 Tarveth Dren - Biro Portrait :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 7
Three Hawkes Dancing
Tanner Hawke dances with Merrill before the eyes of all Kirkwall’s nobility, a hush falling over the party as their Champion turns slowly in the middle of the floor with the elven woman nestled in his arms.
It’s something of a joke among Hightown’s well-to-do – don’t ask Hawke to dance. He never accepts any arm offered to him, scowling and thrusting his hands into his pockets and muttering that he doesn’t know how. Every eligible young lady in the city – and more than one eligible young man, too – has tried anyway, at the urging of their parents to snare themselves Kirkwall’s most famed defender.
This evening, it was Lord Tavon’s turn to whisper in his daughter’s ear and push her in the Champion’s direction. And she tried. She tried small talk, and compliments, and high-minded conversation about Fereldan immigrants’ living conditions. All of it bounced off him like stones thrown at a sleeping bronto. A
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 6
SWTOR Heroes by Skyflower51 SWTOR Heroes :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 5 8
First Sight
Blackwall has become unused to being touched.
For the past eight years, his physical contact with others has been almost non-existent. Embraces, clasped hands, friendly slaps to the back or arms around the shoulder from friends - these are things that died in the rain with the children he killed.  Since then, he's known only a few grateful handshakes from farmers whose family he has protected from darkspawn, steadying touches to the shoulder of some young lad he’s teaching to defend himself and who has never held a sword before, the chaotic tangle of grappling against some bandit who managed to make it past his shield.  Even those moments have usually been smothered by gloves – and they have all been so fleeting. Tiny moments of connection with the world outside his armour, snatched away almost as soon as they come.
This… this is something that has become foreign to him. Feeling another’s skin against his, and having it linger.
Elera Lavellan’s f
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 9
Facing Demons - Part Two
It’s close to midnight when Dalton returns to Gamlen’s house.
He really didn’t mean to stay out so long. Time just seemed to fly past, the way it does when he’s around Anders. They found a relatively quiet corner of the Hanged Man and sat there together with a pint of ale each, talking. After about an hour, Varric appeared and bought them another round, and shared the news that he was already on the way to finding buyers for the bounty they’d brought back from the expedition. It was reassuring to hear, perhaps some small comfort he can offer his mother, and of course, Varric’s tales and grins are always welcome. Still, Dalton can’t deny that he was a little selfishly glad when the dwarf decided to turn in for the night, and left him and Anders alone.
After another hour of simply talking – not about mages or Templars or Grey Wardens or family or the expedition or anything that hurt, just talking – they left the tavern. Anders
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 1 7
Facing Demons - Part One
There’s much to be done in the clinic, when Anders finally traipses back in through the door with the dust of the Deep Roads clinging to his skin. The first is a hot bath – a rare thing in Lowtown, but made possible by dropping oneself into a wooden tub and dipping hands flaring with fire magic into the water. With a sigh, Anders closes his eyes and drinks in the sensation of the steam condensing on his face. It will take much more than a cleansing soak to make him feel that he has rid himself of the legacy of the expedition into the forgotten Thaig, but this is a moment of relief, almost pleasure, and it's a start.
He doesn’t allow himself more than a few minutes of comfort; he has work to do. For three weeks, the refugess have been left abandoned - no one to tend to their injuries or cure their illnesses or help them through the births of their children. Anders brews himself a cup of weak tea, lights the lantern in his window, and waits for them to come. And come th
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 2 4
Dancing In Rainfall
The rain started not long after they stopped for the night. The campfire hissed and sputtered, water rebounded from the rock walls ringing the camp, and their comrades bolted for the dry safety of their tents. Alistair snatched up his stew, Wynne her books, Oghren his mead, and all of them vanished behind the hide flaps so swiftly that a watcher might have thought a mage had somehow erased them from existence. Leliana was about to follow – even stood to do so – when she saw Maddie.
Eyes upon the clouds, feet firmly planted on a rock, the leader of their party stood with her head tilted back and her arms held away from her sides, as if embracing the sky. As the drops quickened and thickened, slamming down against her pale face, Leliana saw a grin drag the corners of her mouth outwards.
Bliss is not a word Leliana associates frequently with Magda Brosca. And seeing Maddie like this – taking joy in something so simple – moved Leliana to stay outside as
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 3
A Friendship Of Forgiveness - Part Three
Two hours into the victory feast, Nathaniel notices that Sophina has vanished.
At first, it doesn’t worry him. But when a five-minute absence turns into ten minutes and the sound of her laugh still hasn't broken through the clamour of voices, he finds himself looking around for her, asking his fellow Wardens if they’ve seen her. And when half an hour has passed, and she has still not appeared and no one has brought him any news of her, he gets to his feet, pushes the remains of his ale over to Oghren, and goes on the hunt.
He is becoming steadily more skilled at detecting the presence of the other Wardens through the Taint in his blood, and so it doesn’t take him long to sense that one of them is apart from the others, somewhere further up and deeper within the Keep. Nathaniel follows the pull, up the staircases and through the corridors, until he finds himself standing outside the Warden-Commander’s room. For a moment, he considers leaving her there – isn
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 3
A Friendship Of Forgiveness - Part Two
Nathaniel leans upon the tower parapet. The wind that stirs his hair and brushes his face has an edge of bitter cold, but he stands motionless within it all the same.
This tower was always one of his favourite places in the Vigil, even when he was so small that he had to stand on tiptoe to see over the edge of the castellations. There was seldom anyone else there, except perhaps for a lone guard on lookout duty, and he or she would willingly leave to take up their watch on a different part of the battlements if Nathaniel requested it. It was a place to be alone, a place to think, a place to escape from his parents’ raised and sharpened voices. He preferred the trophy room, it being warmer, and with the history of his family’s glory mounted upon the walls in a hundred places. But when it was filled with the bustle of servants, this tower became Nathaniel’s refuge.   
And here he is again, standing on its deserted turret, looking out over the courtyard and the
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 2
A Friendship of Forgiveness - Part One
So this is her. This is the woman that murdered his father.
He looks at her, as she stands on the opposite side of the bars, her eyes slowly widening as she recognises him. She’s taller now, her build firmer and stronger, all her movements comfortable inside her thick plating of armour. But for all the confidence in her strides, for all the warrior’s tattoo on her face and the battle-scored bow on her back, she’s still the little girl he remembers from his visits to Highever. Still the little girl who once beat him in an archery contest.
It was his own fault, he knows it was. His own fault for not being more careful, for just assuming that this short, cheery girl who hadn’t even hit sixteen yet wouldn’t be a challenge. By the time she’d struck three targets nearly dead-centre, he knew that he had been mistaken, but of course it was too late by then. He could have won, could have won easily, but he’d been lazy with his first few shots – to
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 2 2
Vetra Nyx - Biro Portrait by Skyflower51 Vetra Nyx - Biro Portrait :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 13 8
The Shape Of The Soul - Part I
A/N - This is a Dragon Age AU story inspired by the His Dark Materials books by Philip Pullman, in which all humans' souls live outside the body in the form of an animal, called a daemon, that corresponds to the personality of the person. The daemon has no fixed form in childhood, and can shapeshift freely, but will eventually settle into a single form, usually around puberty. I've done my best to match daemons to the companions of Origins and Awakening; no further knowledge of Pullman's books is needed to understand the story, but I've added explanations of my reasoning in the description. (I've adopted the idea from other fans that dwarves wouldn't have daemons, which is why Oghren, Sigrun and Shale aren't included. I also didn't include Leliana, because this was inspired by a Tumblr post that gave daemons to the Inquisition companions and advisers, and I can't top the beautiful work the OP did on Leliana's daemon; I'll link the post in the description. Anders is also excluded, be
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 4
Anders - Biro Portrait by Skyflower51 Anders - Biro Portrait :iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 9


So here I am. Once again, treading down the hallways and into auditoriums that I once knew like the back on my hand. I really have not visited the Circle as often as I would have liked, what with a political career (or better, an attempt to have one) and private research having taken over my life. Well, at least now Tiberius has rectified that.
The boy is teaching his own class for the first time, I understand, after a period of service on Seheron that his family have done their utmost to make as brief as possible. I have also heard that his time with the Legion has left him quite obsessed with the oxmen and the various ways of killing them. I am all for patriotism, but that sounds somewhat alarming. I will wait and see, I suppose, as a guest at one of Tiberius' lectures. I would bask in the happy illusion that the boy still values my opinion and is willing to accept constructive criticism, but I know him better than this. He just wants to show off. Let him, then.
Tiberius is a
:iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 3 7
Portrait of a Dragon by ShoutFinder Portrait of a Dragon :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 16 26 See Me Naked by NorroenDyrd See Me Naked :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 19 10 Hey, I exist by NorroenDyrd Hey, I exist :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 7 6 Cassandra Vision by NorroenDyrd Cassandra Vision :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 5 9 Miracle of Love by NorroenDyrd Miracle of Love :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 17 22 It's Called a Beard by NorroenDyrd It's Called a Beard :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 15 14 Let's Finish This by ShoutFinder Let's Finish This :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 30 20 Mass Effect: Elcor Warriors by Lipatov Mass Effect: Elcor Warriors :iconlipatov:Lipatov 1,315 132
Mature content
Enter Allegra :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 3 6
Eyes Unseeing by Rhapsody-In-White Eyes Unseeing :iconrhapsody-in-white:Rhapsody-In-White 9 5
Mature content
Party Banter with Asala Adaar :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 8 12
Winter of Our Discontent by NorroenDyrd Winter of Our Discontent :iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 14 13 The Dragon of Akavir by ShoutFinder The Dragon of Akavir :iconshoutfinder:ShoutFinder 20 17 DA:A Anders And Nathaniel by SweetCandyRain DA:A Anders And Nathaniel :iconsweetcandyrain:SweetCandyRain 1,966 365 Beware the Champion by Rhapsody-In-White Beware the Champion :iconrhapsody-in-white:Rhapsody-In-White 61 8


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello, everyone! I'm Skyflower51, but you can call me Sky. I'm female, a student, British, an INFJ, and a lover of fiction. Welcome to the odd little place that is my DeviantArt page! :wave:

I'm still learning when it comes to art, but I will upload some traditional paintings and drawings (I don't have the tools for digital art). When it comes to art, I occasionally break out the paints, but I'm far better at drawing; I generally use biro. I consider myself to be a writer first and foremost, though - some of my written work is here, while other stories lurk on I mostly write about and make art for my favourite game series, namely The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here's a quirk of mine: I'm very selective with what I favourite. I'll never fave or watch just to try to get a pageview, only if I love your artwork, and if I leave a comment I'll do my best to tell you what I liked so much so the feedback will be useful. So if you're here because of a favourite, watch or comment I gave you, you know that I think you have created something really special. And if you leave a comment on my work, I'll always do my best to reply so that you know how much I appreciate it. :)

Have a wonderful day!
:squee::happybounce: :squee::happybounce: :squee:

Love Stamps Stamp by Mirz123 Art... by prosaix The power of flight by prosaix Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Gimme more sleep by prosaix Better in my head by fear-the-brilliance Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 positive by Sombolia Reply Comments Stamp by Mirz123 Go away, I'm reading by SmearingSin Stamp: Good Worth Fighting For by Southrobin Nice to Me Stamp by Mirz123 You're A Real Writer Stamp by mirz333 Sleepy head by prosaix Chocolate makes me Happy! by stickfigures123 I Love Weekends Stamp by Mirz123 Friends stamp by Meddle689 Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Everyone needs a hug -Free hugs- by DragneelGfx They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard by Nightfury-Treann Thorin and Company Stamp by Adraowen Disney Flynn + Hair Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Katniss salute stamp by ParamourxLights Skyrim Stamp by DemoniumAngel Les Miserables 2012 Stamp by ThreshTheSky Star Wars by Flobelebelebobele Doctor Who Stamp by Malcassairo Torchwood stamp by Keiko-Koga Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Teen Titans stamp by xselfdestructive Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Mass Effect Stamp Animated by BLUE-F0X Dragon Age Origins Stamp by Lizkay

All my OCs in one place:
My Fanfiction page:…
My tumblr:
So... if you're wondering where I've been, I'm settling into student life. My first week is over, so now the work really gets started. I'm going to be pretty busy until term's over, but it won't keep me away from DA... though I will need to prioritise my work over commenting, and making art and writing, so I may not be producing all that much stuff until the holidays roll around. And even then I'll probably have another massive reading list to deal with. In terms of commenting, I'm probably going to be a bit slow, but I will try to eventually get around to everything. I apologise in advance if I don't quite manage it. But I'll try my best, and I've got some ideas lined up and a biro portrait in the works, and I'll devote time to them when I can. :) 

And speaking of ideas and WIPs... 

One or two of you might know that I have an original sci-fi story that I like to play with from time to time. I've got a vague novel-length plot and the setup for more, a cast of characters who I love, various species with Word documents several thousand words long devoted to explaining their biology and culture... and recently I started trying to write down a few little scenes I have in my mind for events of the aforementioned plot. I don't think I'm going to try stringing them together into an actual story for a long time, but if I were to share some of these scraps and snippets with you, would you guys be interested? Or perhaps you'd like to see my massive long species notes? I'd really love to get some feedback!

The second thing is, a long time ago now, I started trying to write out the long-overdue explanation of my Dragonborn J'shana's backstory in a story called Mercy. After over a year of grappling with writer's block on the thing, I think it's time to accept defeat - I just don't have the time or inspiration to finish it, much as it deserves it. What I do have however, is a complete set of plot notes summarising how the story would have developed and ended - so would you like me to share them? I feel bad depriving everyone who was following it of a conclusion. :blush:

I think that's it from me for now! Time for me to head to bed...
  • Reading: A lot of critical opinions on Middlemarch. Help.
  • Watching: I've just been introduced to Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Playing: I'm not normally into anime but I kinda like it?
  • Eating: the world lore is fascinating and i'm invested in
  • Drinking: the characters so let's see where this goes



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